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Hi, I’m Andrea. I am an actress and will always be. 

I’ve come a long way from a Hungarian village to becoming a working actress. Ever since I was six years old, I wanted to do something impactful, but to make a living in acting was not realistic in my country during the 80s. I spent all my pocket money on acting classes thinking that a certificate would kickstart my career, but not much happened for years afterward. I could hardly get results despite regularly marketing myself all over the place and staying up at night applying for casting calls. My family was worried that I aspired to a career in such an uncertain and unconventional industry that they could not support me. But I didn't give up. Instead of listening to all the discouraging voices, I shut my mouth, rolled up my sleeves, and changed my method. As a result, I booked my first important role and started to work full time.

I’ve been on the rollercoaster of the entertainment industry for nearly 25 years now and have witnessed many talents not getting the success they’d deserve while others -less talented- obtain excellent and ongoing results. I came to the point in life when I am willing to share my knowledge to help you do more of what you love: acting and making a living out of it!

Andrea Osvart is an international multi-award-winning actress with over 50 acting credits starring opposite movie stars like Robert Redford, Clive Owen, Bruno Ganz, J.K. Simmons, Mattias Schweighöfer, or Heino Ferch. She has also produced feature films sold to Netflix and HBO.


  • 2012

    Golden Globes, Italy

    European Golden Globe

    Maternity Blues (2011)

  • 2012

    Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

    Guglielmo Biraghi Award

    Maternity Blues (2011)

  • 2011

    Monte-Carlo TV Festival

    Golden Nymph

    Mini-Series - Best Performance by an Actress
    Shared with: Lotte Verbeek & Elise Schaap
    Le ragazze dello swing (2010) 

  • 2011

    Flaiano International Prizes

    Golden Pegasus

    Best Television Actress
    Le ragazze dello swing (2010)

Mission & Values


As a self-made woman, it took me a while to realize that seeming strong doesn’t equal being strong: and the more I try to hide my weaknesses, the more they become visible. Being an actress has been the most uplifting and fulfilling journey I could ever choose for myself, nevertheless a rollercoaster with many ups and downs. The life experience I’ve had by 40 taught me that running away, and trying to be someone else from who I am, can get me far but not in a good sense. So I chose to be an actress and a filmmaker to give. Giving has always been my nature, and I have difficulty accepting things myself. Just like most actors, through the wonderful craft of acting, we don’t only give and educate people about life but also help them get to know themselves. Without actors, drama, film, or theatre, people could hardly relate to and connect to any story allowing them to evade reality without losing the essential need of every human being: feeling safe.

Feeling safe, however, is nearly impossible in an industry where almost everything is out of your control, and you get hyped and forgotten in no time. Acting brought the best out of me, but show business didn’t. Over time and by giving too much, I slowly and invisibly lost myself, and with that, I started to lose motivation, my higher purpose of why I chose this path of creativity.

I learned the hard way that overworking and overachieving won’t bring me or others happiness; only personal connection and acceptance could do that. So today, I am committed to helping actors navigate the deep waters of entertainment no matter what stage of their careers.

My favorite word has become “vulnerable” after watching Brene Brown’s TED talk for the first time and understanding that that is what I was purposefully trying to avoid all my life. I now know there is no shame in feeling weak or vulnerable, as industry-specific stress like performer lifestyle and being on the road slowly erodes your self-esteem and self-confidence and disconnects you from your origins and yourself. Therefore, I wish to create a safe space for people to connect and learn to live their own stories and have the courage to be who they are. 

Quality of Life:

Science proves that material possessions only provide short-term happiness while spending time on what or who you love and care for satisfies the fundamental need for belonging and feeling safe. Chasing power, collecting trophies, and accumulating unnecessary goods do not interest me, however, as a Taurus, I sometimes get emotionally too attached to my belongings and for that reason I have a hard time letting go.

Power of Community

We all need to belong somewhere. The strength of a community makes all of us feel safe and protected. Joining a group or a community (online or offline) that shares your values, interests, problems, or circumstances will give sense to everything you do. 

Helping Others:

One has to be careful when being altruistic and helping others, as some people take your resources for granted, and if you do not strengthen your boundaries, you can fast deplete your batteries and feel resentful. When helping others, I always think of the phrase flight attendants say when demonstrating safety instructions: “Put YOUR oxygen mask on first, before helping others.” Self-care is not egoism or being self-centered but a responsible way of existence. Self-responsibility is the most unselfish act and the greatest service you can do because by helping yourself first, you don’t become a problem for others.

Prevention & Preserving:

Life happens fast, so you need to store your energy for the times when you are busy or snowed under. Resting, recharging, and doing nothing is not only acceptable but also recommended if you live and work in an industry of constant uncertainty and standby. Preventing illnesses by regular and prescheduled self-care and movement or preserving yourself and your home from deterioration and eroding will save you physically, mentally, and financially. 


Repair, Recycle, don’t Replace: I have always been an anti-consumerist and an anti-shopper, and I have made use of material things for long years by giving them as much value as possible. Being economical saves you money and helps you become self-sufficient and not depend on others. Selective waste collection is the first step in the recycling process. Producing less waste and recycling goods into new forms can unleash your fantasy, boost your creativity, and generate a good feeling of fulfillment.


I believe our most valuable resource is time, so I regularly engage in public services and charities through personal activism:


I took high responsibility for condominium issues, where legal, financial, practical, and communication skills are the core. Dedicating 10 hrs a week to elevating the standards of common properties and leading by example has been as rewarding as walking on the red carpet.

Margaret Quarter:

Since 2020, I have been the Community Chief Patron of Budapest II. District Revitalization Program aiming to revive Margaret Boulevard and its neighborhood.

Emotional Empowerment:

I have been supporting victims of emotional abuse through an anonymous blog since 2015.


I occasionally endorse products and brands I love, but always label paid ads.

"Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud."

Andrea Osvárt

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Confidence is silent,
insecurities are loud.

Andrea Osvárt


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