Andrea Osvart

Amazon bestseller series

I was honored to collaborate on this book series that has been a bestseller on Amazon. In my chapter “Mirrors and Masks” I openly share the story of my personal struggle as an actress, having dealt with the dark sides of being highly successful in the entertainment business.

From the team that brought you the multi-country bestseller Transforming Your Life, we bring you a follow-up book that takes our commitment to transform people’s lives to new heights. It is the 5th book in a series that has broken bestseller records with the launch of each book.

We all have times where we need support and guidance because life has a way of kicking us down, and then leaving us there. If you need transformational change in your life, this book can give you all the tools that you need, and bring you into the sphere of support that can help lift you up.

We have given you access to the knowledge bank of 20 coaches from all around the world, and these coaches are all leaders of their niche. Reading this book can give you access to tools that our coaches have discovered after years of research, failure, life experience, and industry expertise.

Confidence is silent,
insecurities are loud.

Andrea Osvárt


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