The valley – Andrea Osvart

The valley

Matteo, a boy from the city, goes to visit his grandfather in a secluded mountain village, where preparations for a local ancient festival are under way. Matteo spends the eve of the festival with Lidia and three other boys from the village. The group of kids begins a dangerous game, bringing up obscure mysteries that are rooted in the past of that mountain valley. Matteo thus goes through a sort of initiation, at the end of which he is able to exorcise his fears, but only after becoming uncomfortably conscious of the existence of evil.



  • Directors

    Mihály Györik
  • Writers

    Eraldo Baldini, Sandrone Dazieri, Giampiero Rigosi
  • Runtime

    1h 35m
  • Country

    Italy, Switzerland, Hungary
  • Release Date

    August 12, 2009
  • Studio

    Downtown Pictures, Riforma Films, Focus Film




Teco, Celio, Andrea Osvárt, Jean-François Balmer, Mari Töröcsik

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Confidence is silent,
insecurities are loud.

Andrea Osvárt


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