Too busy being Sharon Stone – Andrea Osvart

Too busy being Sharon Stone

By Osvárt Andrea

June 02, 2022

You may wonder what I meant by this title, right? :)

Well, it comes from her book: Sharon Stone’s autobiography by the title: The Beauty of Living Twice.

A friend of mine gave me the book for my birthday at the end of April, and I found it quite an exciting read! There was a point in her life that she remembers: “… Because I was too busy being Sharon Stone”. That phrase resonated with me on a core level. I understood what she meant by it, perfectly. I spent years if not decades building up “Andrea Osvart the public figure”, while I was overlooking and neglecting Andrea as a private person...

Being an actress and a public figure requires so much more time, energy, and care than one would ever think. It takes years to arrive and them years to learn how to deal with fame, popularity, stardom and all collateral effects that being successful brings along. Those famous fifteen minutes of fame are valid, though, but that only refers to the hype most artists live through only once in a lifetime.

I spent more than half of my life in the public eye. I started modeling at the age of 15, and today, I am 43. My first cover was for a magazine for teenagers while I was still in high school (I should show that, actually).

There is so much I have learned from these years of being recognized and flattered around, but at the same time have constantly been judged, wrongly perceived, and vastly prejudiced. There is a wall I built up around myself as a defense mechanism to prevent all malice from entering my world and my soul.

People think everything is easier when on top! Well, sorry to disappoint you, but if it was easier, more people would get there and remain there as well. (”non è arrivare, è rimanere” - says the Italian, meaning: it is not about getting there, it is about staying there.)

I always use the metaphor of a mountain when working with my clients. The higher you get, the less oxygen you’ll find. It is not for everyone to climb the ladder of fame and success because special mental training and particular skills are needed to reach the top that the general population has no idea of.

If you are reading this, you are probably not an average person, but more likely a high intellect who likes to understand how complex things work.

If you want to learn more about what it means to be “too busy being Sharon Stone”, and how you could benefit from a lesson learned by others who had been in your situation before, book a free call with me here.

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